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  Funding Opportunity Details
 116011-FY22 Planning District Commission (PDC) Housing Development Program
  Community Impact Grant
  Application Deadline: 06/04/2021 11:59 PM
Award Amount Range: $0.00 - $3,000,000.00
Project Start Date: 07/01/2021
Project End Date: 06/30/2024
Award Announcement Date:
Program Officer: Matthew Bolster
Phone: 804-343-5631 x
Maximum Status Report Approval Levels 

Notice of Funding Opportunity:

Planning District Commission (PDC) Housing Development Program

May 2021


Funding Purpose:

REACH Virginia FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Virginia Housing reinvests a portion of our net revenues into Virginia’s communities through REACH Virginia (Resources Enabling Affordable Community Housing in Virginia). This is a multifaceted resource that Virginia Housing uses to support vital housing initiatives through our Homeownership, Rental and Community Outreach programs.

The Planning District Commission (PDC) Housing Development Program supports PDCs as intermediaries in order to:

  • Promote regional approaches to housing project/program planning and development
  • Enhance collaboration between regional and local organizations comprising the housing delivery network
  • Strengthen PDC capacity to address housing opportunities identified in state studies/reviews as well as the Virginia Housing Strategic Plan: Opportunity 2024.

This program is a thirty-six (36) month intensive process that offers two track options and focuses on each PDC reaching its definitive milestones in order to produce the development of single-family and/or multifamily affordable housing units. Once the development of these units is complete, homes must remain affordable to individuals or families whose incomes do not exceed 80% of Area Median Income (AMI). Mixed use developments must designate at least 60% of its square footage for housing. 100% of homeownership and/or rental developments must be used for housing. Awards are based on the PDC’s readiness to complete the project and availability of Virginia Housing funding.

The program is divided into two-track options:

  • Track 1: PDCs with no current or previous housing development experience. This track will allow the PDC to establish new project partners before developing their project analysis. 
  • Track 2: PDCs with current or previous housing development experience. This track will allow the PDC more time dedicated to the project analysis. PDCs in this track may also develop multiple projects.

Eligibility Guidelines:

To be eligible for funds under the PDC Grant, the applicant must be designated as a Planning District Commission as set forth in CODE OF VIRGINIA, SECTION 15.2- 4200 et. seq.

Program Parameters

  • Approved agencies must comply with the Virginia Housing Planning District Commission (PDC) Housing Development Program Handbook. Click the document below for a detailed explanation of the scope, disbursement, and reporting requirements.
  • The budget and period of performance for this grant is thirty-six (36) months from grant award.

Application Process

For questions concerning this program or assistance with application submission, contact Matthew Bolster, Strategic Housing Office, at (804) 343-5631 or  All applications must be submitted electronically using the Virginia Housing Grants Management System.  The proposed budget may not exceed the PDC’s designated tier: 

  • Population jurisdiction up to 99,000 - $1,000,000
  • Population jurisdiction from 99,000 to 600,000 - $2,000,000
  • Population jurisdiction over 600,000 - $3,000,000
Planning District Commission Name Population  Maximum Request 
Accomack-Northampton (#22) 44,371  $            1,000,000.00
Northern Neck (#17) 49,897  $            1,000,000.00
Southside (#13) 81,538  $            1,000,000.00
LENOWISCO (#1) 87,333  $            1,000,000.00
Middle Peninsula (#18) 91,247  $            1,000,000.00
Commonwealth Regional Council (#14) 102,529  $            2,000,000.00
Cumberland Plateau (#2) 103,756  $            2,000,000.00
Rappahannock-Rapidan (#9) 179,035  $            2,000,000.00
New River Valley (#4) 184,532  $            2,000,000.00
Mount Rogers (#3) 186,481  $            2,000,000.00
Northern Shenandoah Valley (#7) 238,150  $            2,000,000.00
West Piedmont (#12) 238,280  $            2,000,000.00
Thomas Jefferson (#10) 257,452  $            2,000,000.00
Region 2000 (#11) 262,428  $            2,000,000.00
Central Shenandoah (#6) 302,140  $            2,000,000.00
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany (#5) 333,546  $            2,000,000.00
George Washington Regional Commission (#16) 372,270  $            2,000,000.00
Crater (#19) 530,142  $            2,000,000.00
Richmond Regional (#15) 1,097,949  $            3,000,000.00
Hampton Roads (#23) 1,729,109  $            3,000,000.00
Northern Virginia (#8) 2,520,543  $            3,000,000.00


The following must be attached to the application:

  • Agency authorized official certification
  • ACH
  • W-9
  • Charter
  • Organizational Chart
  • Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (NICRA) (if applicable)

Decision Process

Funds will be awarded based on an assessment of the organization’s application and the availability of Virginia Housing funds.  The selected organization will receive a Grant Award Notification (GAN) and a Grant Agreement if approved for funds under the award.

All applicants have the option to submit a request at for a debriefing within thirty (30) days of approval or denial.

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PDC Housing Development Program Handbook PDC Housing Development Program Handbook Rev 3.16.22.pdf 456 KB
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