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  Funding Opportunity Details
 10350-HUD Participating Housing Counseling and Education
  HUD Housing Counseling
  Pre-Application Deadline:
  Application Deadline: 05/31/2020 11:59 PM
Award Amount Range: Not Applicable
Project Start Date:
Project End Date:
Award Announcement Date:
Program Officer: Frank Curbeira
Phone: 804-343-5818 x
Maximum Status Report Approval Levels   

As an Intermediary of HUD, VHDA is able to grant HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency status to qualified agencies. In order to be considered for becoming a participating HUD-approved housing counseling agency, an agency must submit an application to VHDA.

Applying to be a participating HUD-approved housing counseling agency does not guarantee funding.

Prior to submitting an application, to determine if your organization meets the basic requirements to apply to become a HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency please take the online self-assessment using the Housing Counseling Agency Eligibility Tool.

All applications must be submitted electronically using the VHDA Grants Management System (GMS) at Contact Frank Curbeira, Strategic Housing Officer, at (804) 343-5818 for questions concerning this program or assistance prior to application submission.

The application will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt. VHDA may arrange a conference before a final determination letter is issued to review requirements of the program. VHDA will contact the point of contact listed in the agency’s application if a correctable deficiency exists in the application. Within fifteen (15) calendar days of the written notice, the agency may submit a revised application. The applicant will be notified via GMS whether the application is approved or denied.

NOTE: VHDA may, at its discretion, request clarification or additional information from an agency for use in determining the agency’s eligibility for the Housing Counseling Program. If an application package does not meet all Program requirements, an agency may re-apply for the program thirty (30) days from the date of the denial letter. If an agency decides to submit a revised application, the agency may consult Frank Curbeira, Strategic Housing Officer,at (804) 343-5818 to determine the specific actions needed to resolve the deficiencies.

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